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Medicare and Editing Solutions Made Easy

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Why use CMSPricer to re-price and edit your Medicare claims?

No Set Up

Web-based with results returned in seconds priced at 100% of Medicare rates. Hand Key Entry or Auto Batch/EDI Uploads, Easy imports/exports. 

No Hassle

No contracts, No sales people…..pre-pay purchase with volume discounting and easy online payment processing.


Frequent engine updates with latest CMS policies and rates to ensure accurate claims pricing. The CMS.Gov typically has a 3 month lag time and incomplete pricing results. We price all PPS types of Institutional and Professional claims including claim editing for Referenced Based pricing.


No PHI or claims data stored. Utilizes contemporary cloud-based security, including EV SSL Certificate, 5HA2, and 2048 bit encryption (strongest on the market). Fully HIPAA and ANSI 837 version 5010 compliant. Every user has their secure login and account. 


As long as you have access to the Internet, you can run 24/7/365 securely *excluding short windows for system maintenance.

Our Clients

We serve Payers, PPOs, TPA’s, BPO’s, Self-Funded Employers and Auditing Firms.

New Users 5 Claims FREE no commitments




EASY MANUAL, BATCH OR API Claims Integration Claims ENTRY

Why our clients value us:

“CMSPricer meets our stringent CMS Medicare claims accuracy requirements for auditing claims from over 50 Medicare Advantage plans. Using the CMSPricer SaaS based tool and interface allows us to effectively batch process with ease and precision. Great partner!”  


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