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Archive for August 2020

Best Ways to Meet Payer’s Cost-Containment Goals and Protect Bottom-line During the COVID Crisis

In order to navigate the healthcare crisis and economic turmoil resulting from the coronavirus outbreak, many organizations are recalibrating their employee healthcare benefit programs. They are now more focused on finding solutions to keep their team members safe and healthy.  Yes, it is also true that many organizations across the country are being compelled to…

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How Can Employers Cut Health Plan Costs with Reference-Based Pricing?

Capping health plan expenses is gaining attention. Employers and advisers alike have been buzzing about Medicare reference-based pricing (RBP), which is a relatively new solution for controlling health plan expenses set outside traditional insurance carriers.  With Medicare reference-based pricing, employers can get in on the savings too, enabling them to control the costs of medical…

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Gaining Competitive Advantage through Medicare Prospective Payment System (PPS)

Prospective Payment System (PPS) is one of the most important policy tools in controlling ever-increasing healthcare costs. Built on a methodology that plays a crucial role in shaping providers’ incentive, PPS is gaining traction in health policy-making vis-a-vis the government’s efforts to expand health coverage to wider populations.  What is the Purpose of PPS? Prospective…

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