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Archive for September 2020

Top Secrets to Making Reference Based Pricing Work in the Covid-19 World

The US spends $ 3.6tn a year on health. Post Covid-19 times, this spending is breaking all previous records and people are really concerned about high out-of-pocket costs.  In times of the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare experts anticipate healthcare costs will continue to rise. In April 2020, a health report estimated that $163.4 billion in direct…

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What are the Benefits of Using a SaaS-based Medicare Repricing Solution and Their Impacts?

Every Medicare repricing solution might be different, but almost every single one makes the same mistake by putting the company in jeopardy: it delays in complying with the CMS updates.  As a result of delayed CMS update compliance: Inaccurate payment or overpayment risks Claims re-working or readjusting Strained provider relations or increased provider inquiries Holding…

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