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Archive for January 2021

Designed to Support TPAs For Today’s Complex Self-Funded Health Insurance Plans

Medicare claims repricing system is aimed at maximizing efficiencies through automation, enabling seamless transaction between providers, and members within employers’ self-funded plans, and delivering compliance.  Advantages of Self-funded Plans: Flexible options Portability from one stop-loss carrier to another Avoidance of most premium tasks Potential for financial gain TPAs gain significant cost-savings and ROI by swapping…

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Empowering Employers & Increasing Value For Self-funded Clients

Employers who choose to offer health insurance benefits to their employees have two options for paying or funding those benefits. Those two funding arrangements are self-funded benefits and partially self-funded benefits.  Self-funded Arrangement: In the self-funded benefits arrangement, the employers guided by third party administrators (TPAs) creates, defines, and establishes a benefit plan for their…

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