3 Ways Our Software Can Streamline Your Medicare Claims Repricing

Any business that handles Medicare and Medicaid claims repricing regularly knows the pain, the labor, and the enormous time the task tends to take. Ensuring that those who are involved with the task have up-to-date and accurate information and that every person knows what needs to be done next. It is especially true for those who work on multiple claims repricing at any one time. 

For this reason, Medicare claims repricing solutions have become an essential part of this industry. With CMSPricer, a self-service SaaS-based Medicare and Medicaid solution for repricing, users can streamline the way they handle insurance claims, ensure greater accuracy and compliance with regulatory guidelines, and effortlessly manage multiple claims at one time.

Remote Accessibility 

One of the most convenient features of medicare claims repricing implementing SaaS based CMSPricer is that you can access it from any device, anywhere anytime. Remote accessibility means you’re no longer restricted to your office, or indeed, anywhere you can take a laptop! You can access, view, work and edit the results returned in seconds priced at 100% of Medicare rates. You are also allowed for hand key entry or auto batch/EDI uploads, easy imports/exports.

Reference Based Pricing

Reference based pricing is a cost saving option for payers, self-funded employers, TPAs, BPOs, etc. of all sizes and it enables them to control their both short and long-term expenses. With the implementation of CMSPricer, you can easily understand the price relationships with the help of the percentage of Medicare Advantage plans.  

Claims Data Accuracy & Compliance

CMS policies and rates are so dymic and that they keep changing. CMSPricer constantly monitors CMS for changes; and because of the unique nature of its technology and being SaaS based, it has the only Medicare claims repricing solution on the market that does not require regular software maintenance. CMSPricer can ensure accurate Medicare claims pricing and reprice all PPS types of institutional and professional claims including claim editing for Referenced Based pricing.

CMSPricer has inpatient Medicare and Medicaid claims repricing capabilities and ensures no PHI (personal health information) or claims data is stored. It utilizes contemporary cloud-based security, including EV SSL Certificate, 5HA2, and 2048 bit encryption (strongest on the market). Being fully HIPAA and ANSI 837 version 5010 compliant, CMSPricer guarantees secure login and account security for every user. 

To Conclude:

Perfect for payers, PPOs, TPA’s, BPO’s, self-funded employers and auditing firms, CMSPricer is designed using the latest techniques and interface methodologies to ensure a smooth implementation into your business. As payers and providers conduct their day to day businesses, CMSPricer works in the background, finding ways to make their delivery model more efficient and effective. 

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