CMSPricer Editing Feature Allows Rebilling of Incorrect Medicare Claims without Redundancy

Medicare repricing systems are designed to enable healthcare payers and auditing firms besides others to streamline the Medicare claims repricing processes. These systems offer a number of advantages, including increased efficiency and improved data accuracy.

CMSPricer is one of those Medicare repricing systems that healthcare payers, auditing firms, PPOs, TPA’s, BPO’s, self-funded employers among others can benefit from. One feature of CMS Pricer that stands it out from the rest is it’s SaaS-based, meaning 24/7 accessibility from anywhere when its users need not to install on their system like those on-premise Medicare claims repricing tools are needed.

Medicare Claims

Users of Medicare Repricing Systems

  • CMS Pricer has a wide variety of advantages, including:
  • Users need not to sign any complicated contract
  • Guaranteed accuracy in Medicare claims processing
  • Seamless compliance with the latest CMS policies and rules
  • Simple batching entry or API claims integration 
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    With CMS Pricer, you can effectively batch processes and perform them automatically, seamlessly. No matter how complex claim coding becomes or how often CMS rules keep evolving, CMSPricer will generate reports for you the right one, every time, unfailingly! 

    All the more, you can bring about changes to your reporting, or better say, you can generate custom reports as you like. That said, you have a batch claims editing solution or feature in CMSPricer and, thereby, will be able to avoid downstream denials and delayed payments, thanks to the automated CMSPricer editing solution. Users can edit requirements to reprice those claims according to the necessity, with just the check and uncheck of edit fields and generate reports tailored to the necessity.

    In doing so, users of CMSPricer will be able to avoid the need to rebill erroneous claims, reduce the days in accounts receivable, increase correct coding compliance, identify and remedy medical necessity issues before claim submission, and receive real-time feedback regarding identified errors. 

    As a result, there will be less number of denials, faster identification of missed revenue opportunities, claim clean-up and first past submission rates exceeding 98%, faster revenue recognition and fewer days in AR. Rejections are identified and corrected prior to their sending to your EDI clearinghouse, saving you an average of 24 days of waiting for rejections.

    CMSPricer users will also reduce costs, such as the average cost of re-working a rejected professional claim, which can range from $10 to $25. Edits will also be automatically updated in your billing system as well. You won’t have to get acquainted with CMS changes, editing rules, and coding initiatives. Everything is automatically updated via API.

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