Empower Your Medicare Advantage Claims Repricing Business with CMSPricer

In order to sail your Medicare Advantage claims repricing processes through this current Medicare environment, you need a reliable system that can empower you with the right solutions to carry out the tasks efficiently. And for Medicare claims repricing, in particular, you need a customizable platform that allows automation processes and guarantees regulatory compliance through robust built-in features. 

Are you also one of them who is looking for such a system that can simplify and streamline your Medicare claims repricing processes? If it is, check with a SaaS-based Medicare claims repricing system, CMSPricer, that is built to fit your Medicare repricing needs. Through the flexible, customizable parameters of CMSPricer, you can meet your specific operational needs, simplify your processes, streamline your workflow, and adapt to industry changes with ease.

One of the best automated claims repricing systems, CMSPricer features all essential workflows, such as validation, compliance, claims repricing, the configuration of contract claims at any specific rate, etc. In fact, the users of CMSPricers who could be like payers, PPOs, TPA’s, BPO’s, self-funded employers, and auditing firms, will get full access to these tools, based on the selection of CMSPricer modules. 

With the contract claims configuration module of CMSPricer, for example, payers can configure any contract claims at any specific rate and automate the pricing based on a predetermined fee-for-service (FFS) loaded schedule. As a result, users can not only save their time to generate and export Medicare pricing claim reports to the providers but also can accelerate the processes three times faster. 

Quickview of User Benefits:

  • Ensure compliance with the latest CMS regulations for Medicare Advantage plans
  • Allow users to configure every aspect of your contract workflow, such as benefit plans, member eligibility, etc. 
  • Populate claims and claim types faster
  • Configure pricing details
  • Streamline your workflow with rule-based Medicare plan automation features
  • Strong data security with HIPAA & ANSI 
  • By using CMSPricer, payers, PPOs, TPA’s, BPO’s, self-funded employers, and auditing firms can handle volumes of Medicare claims with more accuracy in the cloud environment, export and import the data and reports of claims efficiently, and batch process with ease and precision. This SaaS-based system will automate Medicare claim pricing processes to eliminate laborious procedures, reduce administrative duties, and regulate human-caused discrepancies, resulting in the increased productivity. Payers and providers can reduce costs and processing time. 

    In order that users can ensure accuracy and limit overpayment or underpayment issues, CMSPricer, the leading-edge SaaS-based Medicare claims repricing system, offers a claims edit module. Users can leverage a fast and scalable API interface that allows for customization of the configuration features to switch “on/off” specific edits as per the current needs, such as configuration forms. They can edit the Medicare claims in situations, such as claim analysis, generation of claim report analysis, clean editing, importing or exporting of claims via an excel batch method, etc. 

    Sounds interesting? Want to be a happy user of this revolutionary SaaS-based Medicare claims repricing system? And attain a higher return on investment? Leverage CMSPricer. 

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